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Here are just a few of the options that we offer.  The possibilities are endless of what we can do for you.


Sheer Descent: Comes in different sizes and colors. You can install them along raised areas in your pool or spa for a waterfall effect. Visit www.gacwinc.com for more info.
Sun Shelf: Offers a place to put a lounge chair , regular chair or an umbrella stand


Salt Chlorinator: They are simple, safe and affordable alternative to using harsh, chemically-produced chlorine to sanitize pools and spas.

Energy Efficient Pumps: With up to eight programmable speeds and outstanding hydraulic performance, the TriStar delivers superior water quality while lowering your energy usage by 30 to 75 percent.
Aqua Pod Remote Control: Totally programmable and fully rechargeable, Aqua Pod isn't just water resistant, it's completely waterproof. Aqua Pod can be used indoors, outdoors – right into the pool!
   Color Logic Lighting: Visit www.haywardnet.com for more info. It offers no color wheel or other moving parts, 7 light shows and 5 fixed colors. Color Logic provides noise-free operation. It is the most energy efficient colored-lighting option on the market.

Heat Pump Heater:Hayward®'s HeatPro™ Heat Pump, a high-efficiency heater, gives you the ideal water temperature while using less energy than natural gas heaters.


Gemz™ Fire Opal™ Pendants - 2" x 2" available only in mixed exotic color batches.

  Deck Pavers come in various patterns, shapes, sizes and colors.
  Deck Jets: This is a multi-function jet designed for installation in a deck (horizontal surface) or the face of a beam (vertical surface). Imagine shoots of water chasing one another around your pool or the dynamic effect of having water criss-crossing all down the side of the pool.
  Wall Sculptures: Come in different styles, shapes and colors. Just let us know what you like!
   Negative edge ( Vanishing Edge): For the pool in any size

Pebble Sheen Pool Coating: A upgrade from Pebble Tec, provides a smoother finish and smaller stones. Comes in many different colors.
Mosaics: They come in all different shapes and figures such as fish, turtles, sharks etc. Ask us for a catalog!
  Planters: We offer all different shapes and sizes.
  A floor system is a  series of nearly invisible pop-up cleaning heads built into the floor and steps of the pool and spa. This is a drawing plan of one that goes into your pool floor. Visit   WWW.AAMFG.COM for more info.
Shimmering Sea: A mixture of small sea shell pieces blended into the natural pebble pool finishes. This beautiful blend of sea shells brings added sparkle to an already stunning pool or spa interior.
Basketball Court: In deck,Visit www.inter-fab.com for more info
Volleyball Court: In deck,Visit www.inter-fab.com for more info
PC Spillways or Scuppers: One of the easiest ways to bring visual interest and the soothing sound of falling water to a pool is to include a spillway or scupper in the design.