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Frequently Asked Questions



I sometimes see advertisements promising pools at very low prices. Is this really possible to get a pool at these prices?

It is possible to build a pool at a very low price. But most of these “incredible deals” are nothing more than a bait-and-switch tactic to get you to call. You should be aware that to build a pool at a low price, quality would have to be compromised. The cost of the pool may be cheap, but your time and money spent to up keep the pool could be 4 to 5 times more if the pool was not built right to begin with. Remember the old adage “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.”


How Long Will it Take to Build My Pool?

The time it takes to build your pool is ultimately dependent on the size and complexity of the design, plus any adverse weather delays. However, our average pool completion is approximately 45 days, sometimes less.


 How Much Does a Pool Cost?

That is an excellent question. They can range from $20,000 on up. This is based on the type and size of pool.  We've built numerous, beautiful pools that range from simple to sophisticated in design that fit a variety of budgets and lifestyles. Ultimately the guiding factors that determine a pools cost are it's size, features, plat survey, equipment and materials. An accurate estimate is obtained when  we have a consult with you at your home, determine your design preferences and combine that with your lot size. It is nearly impossible to give you an accurate quote via email only without knowing more about your property's characteristics.


 Everyone tells me they will build the best pool. How can I decide?

The most important factor is that you feel comfortable with and can communicate with the company you decide to hire. Has the company listened to you about what you want from your swimming pool or are you being sold something off the shelf? How thoroughly have your questions been answered? How long has the company been in business? Have you visited comparable pools by that builder? Have you visited a pool under construction? Waters of Reflection offers this and much more!


What if I have a small or difficult yard to work with?

Good builders can construct pools in almost any yard. You will be surprised at how such a small back yard can have the most innovative design. Don’t think you can't have a pool, call Waters of Reflection today for a free design consultation.


Should I be concerned about the 'messiness' of a job site in my backyard?

No. Waters of Reflection crews will clean the job site on a daily basis. We run clean job sites and will always respect your property.


Who will be responsible to apply for and obtain all necessary building permits?

Waters of Reflection will handle this as part of our process.


Can I clean my pool myself?

Upon completion of your new pool, we will give you instructions on all your pool maintenance needs. However, if you do not have the time or prefer to have someone else maintain your pool, we will refer you to a reputable company.


What is gunite?

Gunite is the mixture of cement/sand that is used for the shell of your pool. It is sprayed on the steel rebar lining your pool for strength.


What is plaster?

Plaster provides a water tight seal that is applied over the gunite shell & is available in a variety of colors.


What kind of pools do you build?

We build concrete (gunite) inground pools.


How do I get started if I'm interested in obtaining a pool?

First thing you should do is consider the size and scope of the pool project. Next, locate a site plan and see how well your ideas fit into the site constraints. Then, after envisioning what you would like, contact Waters of Reflection to set an appointment to come out and visit your property.

During our visit, we will offer you some of our ideas and give you feedback on your own "visions", while working within site parameters. We will then provide you with a plan on how we can help you make your pool project a resounding success.