Located in Englewood, FL


      We go above and beyond the "standard" pool industry process. Here is some of the basic steps of the construction process:


Design:  We listen to you, your needs, and customize a design that fits your lifestyle.
Pre Strip: We will bring in a bobcat and strip down the grass and get the yard ready for the layout of the pool.
Layout: Outline design on site and stake out.
Excavation: Our pool crew will dig, form and hand shape your pool to the precise engineering specifications. Each pool's excavating is unique, so we will determine which equipment is used a backhoe or bobcat depending upon the access to the pools location.
Steel: Steel reinforcing bars ( rebar) are installed 12" on center. We install a structural steel beam around the top of every pool. This adds to the structural integrity of our pools.
Plumbing: Rough plumbing, this entails the installation of the main drains, floor system, skimmers, light niches, return line "stubs", and pre-plumbing of raised spas.
Shell: Our gunite crew will install a pneumatically applied concrete/sand mixture. This is the shell or foundation from which your pool is constructed.
Brick & Tile: Your pre-selected tile and coping choices will be delivered to the job site and we will begin the installation tile.
Coating: We  can install pebbletec  on your pool that comes with a lifetime warranty. This is the finished coat on the pool surface that you will see.

Equipment Set: We will deliver and set your pool equipment at the agreed upon pad location. Our plumber will follow tying the "stub out" to the pool equipment. We are a Totally Hayward Builder


Final: This is the final phase of the pool process. We add the water and chemicals to get your pool ready for you.


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